Anne de Grijff (1978, Arnhem, The Netherlands) started her women’s ready- to- wear label in 2008. The label received immediate recognition for its resolute propositions: an essentially feminist/feminine way of dressing and a design vocabulary that is as pure as it is complex. “I see garments as part of a line; a line that I am trying to rearrange and interrupt until unexpected grades and new shapes appear.”

Anne de Grijff is a designer pur sang. She questions, examines and interrupts the basics of patter making and by doing so she allows imperfections, irregularity and asymmetry. She plays with gestures inherent to the act of dressing, with veiling, unveiling en covering up again what has just been exposed. Evolving her ingenious cutting, folding and layering techniques she creates volume and exposes color in movement using favored materials such as fine leather and jerseys, pure wool, luxurious synthetics and fine silks.

In 2014 Anne de Grijff introduced a new approach to her label in collaboration with Dutch photographer Koos Breukel and graphic designers Adriaan Mellegers and Edwin van Gelder. In essence she reconsiders the fashion system by putting the wearer of her designs at the center of the brand, and most notably the brand’s communication. These striking women (and sometimes men) who recognize the quality of her work and collect her pieces actually come to personify her brand as ‘characters’. As a consequence to this new principle Anne de Grijff now focuses on ‘made-to-measure’ for a new international clientele.